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SKU: P2020-112 trenzyme

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Recombinant Alpha-1-antitrypsin or also known as Alpha-1-proteinase inhibitor is an inhibitor of serine proteases (Serpin). Its primary target is elastase, but it also has a moderate affinity for plasmin and thrombin. Irreversibly inhibits trypsin, chymotrypsin and plasminogen activator.
The protein was produced using a mammalian cell system (HEK) and contains a His-Tag.


  • Product Name: Alpha-1-antitrypsin
  • Catalog No.: P2020-112
  • RefSeq Links: UniProt: P01009; NP_000286.3; NM_000295.4; PIR: A21853; GeneID: 5265
  • Synonyms: Alpha-1 protease inhibitor; Alpha-1-antiproteinase; Serpin A1; A1AT Protein; Alfa1 antitrypsin; Alpha 1-antitrypsin; Alpha 1-Proteinase Inhibitor; Alpha 1-proteinase inhibitor (human); Alpha 1-proteinase inhibitor, human; Alpha-1 protease inhibitor; Alpha-1 proteinase inhibitor (human); Alpha-1-antiproteinase; Alpha-1-antitrypsin; Alpha-1-proteinase Inhibitor (human); Alpha-1-proteinase inhibitor human; Alpha-1-proteinase Inhibitor, Human; Alpha-1-proteinase inhibitor,human; Alpha1-proteinase Inhibitor; Alpha1-proteinase inhibitor (human); alpha1-proteinase inhibitor human; API