African swine fever virus (ASFV) Phosphoprotein p30 - E.coli


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In the natural host, the ASFV p30 protein (CP204L) is a 30-kDa phosphoprotein localized in the membrane and also secreted by cells. The relevant parts of this very immunogenic protein is produced by E.coli as expression host and purified by chromatographic methods.


  • Product Name: ASFV p30, GFP/His-tag
  • Catalog No.: P2020-113
  • RefSeq Links: B9UNA3
  • Synonyms: CP204L; Isolate: CN/2019/InnerMongolia-AES01; ASFV/Primorsky 19/WB-6723; ASFV Georgia 2007/1