hCELA3A, His-Tag


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The elastase 3A is relative to pancreatic serine proteinases and has a low level of elastolytic activity comparing to other elastases. Elastase 3A is eventually involved in the intestinal transport and metabolism of cholesterol. Elastase 3A and elastase 3B are also referred to as protease E and elastase 1, respectively. Furthermore, elastase 3A is an efficient protease that preferentially cleaves proteins after the alanine residue due to its alanine specificity.


  • Product Name: hCELA3A, His-Tag
  • Catalog No.: P2020-102
  • RefSeq Links: UniProt: P09093
  • Synonyms: Chymotrypsin-like elastase family member 3A; Elastase IIIA; Elastase-3A; ELA3; ELA3A; Protease E; OTTHUMP00000002835; elastase 3A; pancreatic