SARS-CoV-2 Spike S1 (RBD) ELISA reagents set 2


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SKU: K2021-002 Manufacturer: BioGenes GmbH

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ELISA reagents to be used for the quantitative in-vitro measurement of SARS-CoV-2 Spike S1(RBD) in process samples. Reagent set contains capture antibody, detector antibody, ELISA standard and buffers sufficient for five 96-well ELISA runs.

TMB and Streptavidin-POD need to be purchased separately by the user.

Will be delivered in two packages (1x dry ice, 1x ambient temperature).

Please note: The buffers contained in one ELISA set are sufficient for different numbers of ELISA runs, please consider this for the respective order:

  • S210.500 BlueCap Washing buffer (500 mL, 10x) is sufficient for 5 ELISA runs;
  • S207.125 BlueCap Coating buffer (125 mL 10 x concentrate) is sufficient for approx. 100 ELISA runs
  • S220.050 BlueCap POD-Conjugate Stabilizer (50 mL 1x) is sufficient for approx. 500 ELISA runs